Korea’s No.1 Mouthwash
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Garglin is a mouthwash specifically designed for Asians‚ targeting even hidden bacteria that cause dental caries. The product lines are categorized into regular‚ mild‚ and strong types based on the amount of ethanol contained. It is also categorized by the usage: normal‚ spray‚ disposable‚ and portable types used with dilution.

Packing Unit
Regular‚Mild‚Strong : 80ml‚ 380ml‚ 750ml‚ 1200ml
Medical (Ethanol 0%): 80ml‚ 380ml
Children: 380ml
Coolkis: 50 tablets
Fresh (Spray type): 10ml
Compact (Dilution type): 50ml
Pouch (Disposable): 10ml*6EA
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Brand Story

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