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Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co., Ltd Recruitment

Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co., Ltd, China’s division of Korea’s Dong-A Socio Holdings,
is recruiting entry level and experienced positions. Thank you for your interest and support.

  • Seeking : Entry Level∙Experienced
  • Positions : Marketing∙Sales∙Purchasing∙QC
  • Deadline : Rolling

Job Description & Qualifications

  • Role : Marketing
  • Preferred Major : N/A
  • Preferred Skills/Qualifications : Korean/English skills
  • Location : Shanghai Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.Ltd
  • Role : Sales of Bacchus and other drinks
  • Preferred Major : N/A
  • Preferred Skills/Qualifications : Experience in Sales
  • Location : Shanghai Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.Ltd Main Office and Agencies
  • Role : Imports&Exports/Customs
  • Preferred Major : N/A
  • Preferred Skills/Qualifications : Korean/English skills
  • Location : Shanghai Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.Ltd
  • Role : Quality Control
  • Preferred Major : Science/Engineering
  • Preferred Skills/Qualifications: Major in Pharmacy/Korean/English skills
  • Location : Shanghai Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.Ltd

Application Process

Online Application  - Working level Interview - Directors' Interview - Medical Checkup
  1. Application Deadline: Rolling
  2. Please download the attached application and send it to our email below. (Email :
  3. Requirements for Job Applicants
    • High school graduate or up (University graduate or up for QC)
    • Not disqualified for traveling abroad


  1. For detailed inquiries regarding the recruitment, please contact us by email or phone.
  2. For other inquiries regarding the company, please refer to Dong-A Socio Holdings(, Dong-A ST(, and Dong-A Pharmaceutical( ’s homepage.
  3. The application must be filled out with accurate information, and by the applicant. If the contents of application is found to be misleading, then the acceptance might be cancelled.
  4. Contact Us : Shanghai Suzhou Dong-A Beverage Co.Ltd (86-0512-6327-1982)